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With Beautiful Diffuser Lockets

Think back to when you were a child.  Do you remember the smell of freshly baked, warm cookies or the scent of a beautiful flower?  A fragrance can trigger a part of our brain that affects memories and emotions.  Certain fragrances, particularly those of essential oils (plant extracts) have been found to be beneficial to us in our daily routines. There are several ways to use essential oils- topically through massage, inhalation, a bath, a spray mist, and diffusion.


With our aromatherapy diffuser locket, you can take your favorite essential oil, essential oil blend, or perfume with you wherever you go.  Just add a drop or two on the washable, re-usable disc that sits right inside your necklace.  

A Few Essential Oils and Their Benefits

There are many essential oils with therapeutic qualities.  Here are just a few for your reference.  There are entire books devoted to the use of essential oils, so please do your own research.  We are not doctors or aromatherapists, so please consult with a professional for more detailed information.


Lavender essential oil is definitely one of the most popular, widely used oils.  It is known for its calming and stress relieving properties.  


Peppermint oil is used for helping sinus congestion, and helping with headaches 


Orange oil is very uplifting and has been used to help with depression


Lemon is also very uplifting and is widely used in numerous products.  It is said to help boost the immune system and help increase focus and concentration

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